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Is the 4770k @4.4Ghz still enough for games in 2019? yes. and if you have enough money to buy an 8700k, you should get a 9700k. people are a little unclear about this. the 9700k is better. zen 2 will lower the prices and provide more threads. and ice lake will erase all their memories. it's all just a matter of time and money Denk mal an die armen Notebook-CPU`s. Wenig bis gar keine Kühlung und die laufen über mehrere Jahre Davon mal abgesehn sind Prime95/Intel Burn Test Extremfälle, die so im normalen PC-Alltag nicht vorkommen. Mein [email protected],4Ghz hat selbst im Sommer bei mir nur ganz selten mal an 70°C gekratzt (zocken + das übliche private Gedöhns). 4770k here at 4.2ghz since day 1 Being the nerd that I’ve been my entire life, I always find reasons to burn through cash and get the latest tech but this cpu combo’d with the other stuff in my build has kept me happy for 5-6 years now. I'm on air, using noctua NH-14US only one Fan and here's what I got here using 1.27V at 48 Multiplier. Note that this setup pass intel burn test as shown in image but it can't do prime95 well it makes a BSOD with the blend test(not the small fft) I was able to get 47X 101 for 4.749 stable with prime 95 no BSOD with about the same voltage. Intel Core i7 4770k and Core i7 4770 are almost identical. The only difference is that Core i7 4770k has an unlocked multiplier to achieve higher clock speed during overclocking while the Core i7 4770 is a simple processor with locked multiplier and only supports Turbo Clocking that is also up to a certain limit. If you are building your system from scratch and only want to play latest games How to Overclock an Intel 4770K Guide: Setup. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the pre-steps before overclocking. As a reminder, if that disclaimer threw you off wanting to overclock, just remember you can ask questions on the forums. Generally speaking, if you follow the advice in this guide and DO NOT go over the maximum voltage limits, chances are you are not Übertakten i7 4770k » Willkommen auf Intel Overclocking « << Thema >> Neues Thema Antworten. RFlow offline OC Newbie 3 Jahre dabei ! Intel Core i7 3500 MHz @ 4200 MHz 40°C mit 1.236 Volt: Hallo liebe OCer Nach jahrelanger Abstinenz habe ich mich wieder dem Thema gewidmet, siehe Komponenten. Ich habe mir einen PC gebraucht gekauft, und dann mit weiteren Komponenten gemoddet, gepimpt. Ich

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